Whitlock 1-on-1: Terry Bradshaw discusses faith in the NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Terry Bradshaw discusses faith in the NFL and Colin Kaepernick with Jason Whitlock.

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9 thoughts on “Whitlock 1-on-1: Terry Bradshaw discusses faith in the NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  1. Pounce 247

    Football is a sport. Its not a religious thing that takes place every Sunday. Sorry that is CHURCH! Just because football started long time ago and people may have associated a lot of religion with it does not mean anything. Nor do I think that even happened. By Whitlock's definition then racism and slavery also used religion to justify its actions and reasoning. Please stop with this good ol boy song and dance every day about football being ruined by liberals and Kaepernick.

  2. Latimer - the Evil Bunny Rabbit Supremacist

    Bradshaw is sooooo disconnected with what's going-on in the country. He's another anti-White cuck showing how foolish the monkeyball distraction, with the $1,000,000- dindus bighting the hands that support them actually is.

  3. trent1963

    That's disappointing to hear from Terry. I would've expected a more thoughtful answer. I am sure those aren't the values that he actually feels. Very PC answer


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